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Floating - Canvas Art On The Other Side - Canvas Art The Night Where We Were - Canvas Art Speed - Canvas Art Coffee - Canvas Art Love is You - Canvas Art Spring Garden I - Canvas Art Spring Garden II - Canvas Art the Safari Stripe - Canvas Art Force - Canvas Art In My Mind - Canvas Art Vogue - Canvas Art Fashion - Canvas Art Elle - Canvas Art Heartfull Love - Canvas Art Dad Car - Canvas Art Dad Garage - Canvas Art Morning Breeze - Canvas Art Sunflower - Canvas Art Tropical Beauty - Canvas Art Passage of Life - Canvas Art Curve - Canvas Art Silhouette I - Canvas Art Silhouette II - Canvas Art Silhouette III - Canvas Art Bubble - Canvas Art Dream - Canvas Art Puzzle I - Canvas Art Puzzle II - Canvas Art Puzzle III - Canvas Art Wood - Canvas Art Urban - Canvas Art Memory - Canvas Art Autumn - Canvas Art Landscape - Canvas Art Season - Canvas Art Dance - Canvas Art Batik - Canvas Art Nyonya - Canvas Art Retro Buddha - Canvas Art Buddha - Canvas Art Meditation - Canvas Art Maze - Canvas Art Tangle - Canvas Art Rose - Canvas Art Blinds - Canvas Art
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Bug Design is a registered business of ET Technic Sdn. Bhd. (No. 481448-H) in Malaysia.

Colour Correctness and Calibration

We have taken great care to achieve colour correctness that prints our canvases. However, there are always variations and interpretations that occur between what one sees on a computer monitor online and the finished product. All computer monitors have different colour calibrations.


We recommend hanging in a location that avoids extreme and prolonged temperatures, humidity and sunlight. All our canvases have a protective water-resistent coating. Keep the artwork clean by regular light dusting or a damp soft cloth. We do not recommend the use of any cleaning solutions or chemicals.

Return Policy

If your canvas has been delivered damaged and we have been notified within 7 days, it will be replaced at no charge to you. However, Bug Design will arrange for an inspection of the damaged canvas prior to its return.

Exchange / Cancellation

No exchange on goods or cancellation of order once a design has been ordered and paid, except at our discretion.


Bug Design is committed to privacy. We ensure any information you supply while at our site shall be held in confidence. We neither share nor sell your information to any other party. Your personal information will never be released, under any circumstances.

Customer satisfactory and confident is our priority.


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